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Born in January 1995, Aylin was raised in Istanbul, continued her primary and secondary education here in Private ALEV schools and Marmara Education Institutions.

 She was accepted to Avni Akyol Fine Arts High School in 2009 and graduated in 2013. During summer vacation of 2015, she participated in the Special Effects and Prosthetic Make-up training at Los Angeles Cinema Make-up School. She graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Sculpture Department in 2019 with honors and finished her master degree Department of Sculpture at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts Faculty in 2022. 

Artist Statement

At the beginning of my studies, I created my sculptures being inspired by the basics of human psychopathologies such as neurosis, narcissism and anxiety.

In addition to these foundations, I developed my understanding of sculpture by questioning the human, space and sculpture relations. In my designing process, I was thinking about the idea of ​​making a connection between the viewer and the artwork. This led me to design an imaginary setup in which the person would have a sensory experience.

For about 2 years, I have been doing research on the roles of VR, MR and AR technologies as an artistic tool. I believe in the necessity and importance of artistic evaluation of XR technologies, as well as their evaluation in fields of science, medicine, industry, entertainment and education.


XR technologies let the viewer/participant in a new space for experience. While constructing a new environment open to such experience; as an artist, which elements should we take into account while producing a work/project? What are the tools that the artist will use while creating a XR project? (sound design, human psychology, neurology, immersive experience) Do the human brain's reactions in a virtual environment and how it feels in real life are similar? Is the person aware of the tricks their mind plays on them in the digital environment while they are conscious? And finally, what are the mechanism that they use to handle these games? These are the questions to which I am hoping to find answers.

I've completed my first VR Art Project, 'The Labyrinth'. In this project, I am focusing on the person's journey through the labyrinth I manipulated. I am excited about the new possibilities that these environments can bring and the idea of ​​creating setups in utopic spaces.


2020   GLOBART Projects: ‘ELEMENTS’/Bodrum Loft, Bodrum

2019    BASE Exhibition/ Akaretler, Istanbul

2019    Sakip Sabanci Art Prize_Mimar Sinin University Sculpture Department secon prize.

2019     Asperder Syndrome and Life with Autism Association (Asperder) and Kadiköy Municipality Presidency "Autism Syndrome" themed Sculpture Model Project Award. Her statue was placed in Erenköy 19 Mayis Park.

2019     Her sculpture called 'Waveleght no:2' was included in the Istanbul Museum of Graphic Arts collection.

2018     Ipek– Ahmet Merey Mimar Sinan Fine Art University  Art/Sculpture Department Exhibition.

2018      Trump Art Gallery ‘Ben Olmayan’ Karma Exhibition.

2017      Ipek-Ahmet Merey Art Awards Competition Sculpture Departments Exhibition/ Istanbul


2017    Her sculpture was included in the Wooden Sculpture Museum / Eskisehir

2016     Ipek- Ahmet Merey Art Awards Competition Achievement Award / Istanbul

2016     Lions Club New Quests 4 Competition Exhibition MSGSU / Istanbul


2015      Mask Exhibition - Atatürk University Sculpture Department / Erzurum



2018   Sariyer Wooden Sculpture Symposium/Istanbul

2017     Odunpazari Municipality Wooden Sculpture Symposium/ Eskisehir


2020-2021   Printing Workshop Assistant Certificate


2016-2017   3P Academy ICD – 10 Based Psychodynamically Oriented Psychopathology Training Certificate / Istanbul 


2015   Prosthetic Make Up, / Cinema Make Up School / LA-Califonia -USA


2015   Special Effects Make Up /Cinema Make Up School / LA-Califonia –USA

XR Experiences

XR Experiences

2023     Türkiye'de XR_İşletmeler ve Markalar için Fırsatlar


2023     Meta Spark AR Hackathon_XR Türkiye


2022   Flixr Studio


2022   Labyrinth’ VR Art Project

Lead Artist, Director ve Storytelling

2022    Istanbul XR Art Residency


2022    Euromersive XR Art Platform

Co Producer

2022     ‘Becoming an XR Artist; Experience of First         AR and VR Projects’, BASELECTED, Grand Pera


2019     Creating Immersive Art Project in XR and VR 

Workshop with Michael Barngrover


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